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In 2015 the LED industry resources integration

The host produced by Chenglian Power Limited "2015 LED shows the integration of industry resources will (Chengdu Railway Station)" in January 9, 2015, was held in Chengdu hundred Hong Kong International hotel!
This is the 2014 "LED display resource integration forum Zhengzhou Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station" after successfully held, another industry event. Including the conference co organizer the state of science and technology, electronic, oasis, Lei Ling Hua Jie photoelectric display, chipshow, onbon software, science and technology, photoelectron, spirit rain Jinhua Alishan electronic, into the electric Luxuries electronic, benefit to science and technology, Chinese enterprise to create optimal control, sort of science and technology, Jike application, Ming Chang photoelectric, photoelectric, Changzhi, as Wei Qiaoshun Gaoke Cheng technology, time media "LED display", world and national distribution, engineering business nearly 300 people attended the meeting.

2015 LED shows the integration of industry resources will (Chengdu Railway Station) meeting
The conference guests to think that now the market competition is not only the product, brand and channel competition, he has entered the stage of the competition of supply chain and resource integration. The current display market demands is the king, the production enterprises should do is how to provide the best matching buyers resources and cost-effective display products, this meeting consistent is to meet the current that we call "industry development trend of ground", provides more choices for the majority of the distribution advertising and project developers. In the future, all dealers will no longer lonely, LED display industry through the integration of resources, will be able to provide them with the most fast optimal products matching resources.
Chenglian power supply as a power supply of well-known brand, R & D and production is committed to energy efficient and stable power supply products, launching high energy efficient power products in series of ultrathin display at the conference. The future display products are moving towards more HD and efficient direction, placed in front of the home buyers have not who display problem products better, more stable and reliable but whose home products, who are more energy efficient. Power supply is one of important parts of display screen, its energy saving and high efficiency and stability will help improve future HD high density display products development and popularization rate.

The scene
During the meeting, the co host enterprises show their latest products and R & D capability for guests, new technology of power supply of new products, line three in one, three in one, piranha COB integration and three single color display products, and box, frame and control system and other ancillary products, the provide nearly all the industry chain, product selection of opportunities for the distribution engineering.

The scene
Finally, the guests return banquet scene, organizers and co organizers prepared nearly 500000 yuan gift raffle for the guests, but also to the resources integration (Chengdu Railway Station) draw a perfect full stop.
In 2015, Cheng Lian -LED display resource integration will go into more city, please pay attention!

Draw the scene
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