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Welcome to participate in the light Fair

Chinese light Expo exhibition of LED technology and application together with the LED of the whole industrial chain leading manufacturing enterprises, is a professional exhibition of the new global LED technique and display and exchange. Shenzhen is one of the seven ChinaLED base, the LED output to occupy the domestic LED industry output value of more than 50%. The development of Shenzhen LED industry has been leading the development direction of Chinese LED industry, as the LED industry event Chinese light Expo LED technology and Application Exhibition has been the LED industry leader, over the years is thefirst choice of many dealers, distributors, exhibition engineering business with buyers procurement LED products, but also manufacturers of new products release and to meet an important exhibition of domestic and foreign distributors.

The Prudential Alliance will also carry many LED driving power supply products and drive scheme is exhibited, specific exhibition information as follows:

Display time: September 4, 2013 to 7

Venue: China - Guangdong - Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth information: hall 2 booth G21

Welcome industry professionals to chenglian booth to visit the guide, sincere United welcome you!

Display range:

- LED components and materials:

Sapphire crystal bar, epitaxial wafer, substrate, chip, phosphor, gold, bracket, silicone, heat dissipation substrate etc.

- LED package / module:

The LED lamp, SMD LED, high power LED, COB module, LED lamp belt

- LED semiconductor lighting:

Downlight, bulb lamp, fluorescent tube, flat lamp and ceiling lamp, lamp, table lamp, candle lamp, the cabinet table lamp, street lamp, solar street lights, garden lights, buried lights, wall lamp, tunnel lamp, landscape lamp, lawn lamp, underwater lamp, guardrail tube, LED traffic lights, car lights, LED articles LED, portable LED, LED backlight, OLED, driving power supply,lighting accessories etc.

- LED display:

LED HD TV, commercial advertising display, stage rental screen, grating screen / color screen, screen, screen, special vehicle control card, system, chip IC

- LED manufacturing / testing equipment:

MOCVD, dicing machine, chip testing / sorting machine, solid crystal machine, welding line machine, glue machine, separation / machine, taping machine, SMT machine, testing equipment, oven, stirred bubble machine, sapphire process equipment etc.

Previous exhibitors:

Participated in previous LED technology and Application Exhibition (LEDTECHINA) of the well-known manufacturers include: NICHIA, OSRAM, CREE, SEMILEDS, neo-neon, DOMINANT,EDISON, BRIGHTEK, Oasistek, LUXPIA, MOKSAN, SHIN-ETSU, ASM, EFD, Musashi, NIHONGARTER, LUMITECH, CHANG-YU, YOUNGTEK, WECON, INTEMATIX, LIGHTHOUSE(Lighthouse), daylight, Riyadh, Zhou Ming technology, Abison, Rui Rio, DESAY smart,Prasidha electronic, Xinguang electronics, hibo photoelectricity, top technology, energy technology, Mai Rui optoelectronics, Regent photoelectricity, Gen significant photoelectric,Eastar, spirit of rain, Shilanmingxin, Inspur Huaguang, Huacan photoelectric, fortune electronic, Jingke electronics, Hua Lei photoelectric, China Star optoelectronics, hung leelight, Ruifeng, Wanrun technology, Zhongzhou photoelectric, Lehman photoelectric, Hong Yaguang, ground the photoelectric, BYD, Spike, 100% technology, Shengpu, Segotep,Jiuzhou, quantum, Shi Feng, long distance, Han Senyuan, photoelectric photoelectric, FuElectronics, Meikai power etc..

LED technology and application exhibition visitors and buyers are invited to:

LED manufacturing enterprises, electronic, IT, semiconductor, industrial electrical,instrumentation, information household appliances, automotive electronics, digital products,advertising signs, lighting manufacturers, urban landscape lighting, entertainment center,activity place, stage lighting, municipal building, stadium, Luqiao traffic, airport, port, financial securities, real estate, etc..

Comprehensive invitation range:

Research institutes, photoelectric class faculty, laboratory related enterprise research institute; photovoltaic industry, hardware industry, automobiles industry, food industry,machinery industry; trade company of electronic gifts, advertising agents, the consumer electronics business; tools, toys, batteries, watches, jewelry factory, network cabling, OEM /ODM batch purchasing quotient; industrial automation field, with the Research Institute of precision instruments; related to government procurement departments.

Supporting industries invitation range:

The PCB industry, injection molding industry, application of ultrasonic series, semiconductormanufacturers, electronic factory, circuit board manufacturer, IC SMT industry, MEMS,precision / fine / micro machining.

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