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Congratulations on Lighting Fair

Once a year the LED industry event -- the ninth Guangzhou international LED Exhibition (LEDCHINA 2013) ended in full bloom for a period of 4 days, has once again in March 4, 2013ended. "Guangzhou international LED Exhibition" began in 2005, is the world's first set of LEDlighting, LED display, LED advertising source, LED package, LED chip and LED device as one of the industrial chain business procurement platform.

As of LED optoelectronic industry well-known power solutions provider, Changzhou chenglianpower Manufacturing Co Ltd return with the variety of LED power appears in the Guangzhou international LED exhibition, become indispensable shine.

The overall effect of chenglian power booth

The booth chenglian power supply adopt open design, all visitors can directly see and touchall kinds of power supply exhibits, in order to facilitate the industry a comprehensive understanding of the product shape, structure, weight, wiring etc. product features. Booth is mainly divided into discussion area several mostly chenglian wall of honor, the core productareas, new product display area, adhering to the design style is consistent, concise. Among the various certificates chenglian wall of honor show is a major bright spot, provides the basis and quality chenglian power supply for customers trust guarantee.

2013 ninth session of Guangzhou international LED exhibition chenglian power wall of honor

The chenglian power supply with the latest LED display power supply, power supply, thin thin light box patent 400W aluminum shell rainproof power solutions exhibition. The independent development of new products for all companies, with high efficiency and energy saving (someefficiency as high as 87%), adapt to wide environment temperature (-30~60 degrees), the volume is small, the appearance of novel unique characteristics, to meet customer and market demand, targeted, and many new products the company has applied for a patent! By thepraise and pursuit of new and old customers!

2013 ninth session of Guangzhou international LED exhibition of new and old customers to visit the chenglian power products exhibition area

2013 ninth session of Guangzhou international LED exhibition chenglian power supplycustomers continue to visit the booth

The 4 days of exhibition period, from home and abroad chenglian friends old and new customers continue to visit, to the development of the company and the products to be a great concern and support, making the exhibition ends smoothly, and for the steady development ofchenglian power supply in 2013 wrote a successful pen.

Chenglian power invite you industry goodbye 2013 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition!

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